The Clay County Veterans Memorial At Anita B. Gorman Park

was dedicated Oct 30, 2005. The memorial was built with private funds from generous donors and     recognizes and honors county veterans from all branches of service weather they served in peace   time or in war. Names of county residents who gave their lives in the service of their country are   etched in   granite monoliths surrounding a bronze sculpture of a bald eagle, "Sovereign Wings" by   artist Sandy   Scott. 

Anita B. Gorman Park and the Memorial are located on the SE corner of the intersection of N Oak Traffic way and NE Vivian Road.

Post 626 signs agreement...

with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department on April   15, 2014 and assumes responsibility for verifying the service   of individuals and their county resident status before names are   engraved on the granite monoliths. We also are responsible for   scheduling events held at the monument, advising the Parks Dept.   on maintenance issues and fundraising for the future of the   monument. 

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During the next year as stewards of the memorial it was discovered that four Clay County service men who had given their lives in Afghanistan were not on the memorial. In fact, Afghanistan was not on the memorial at all.

On the 13th of August the Post and Johnson Granite Supply Co. of North Kansas City engraved the names on the memorial; and on September 11th 2015, these Veterans were recognized in a wreath laying ceremony attended by over 50 guests and family members. Boy Scout Troop 260 of Kansas City were a big help and we thank them for their assistance.

Added to the Memorial were; Robert Wayne Crow Jr and Shawn Mittler who were killed on 10 Jul 2010 when their Vehicle hit an IED:  Matthew Mason, a member of Navy Seal Team 6, was killed along with other members of his team and the aircrew when their helicopter was shot down on August 6, 2011: and finally Trenton Rhea. His family could not be reached to get the details of his death.

The video and some of the accompanying pictures provided by the Northland News.


Memorial Bricks 

Veterans, families of veterans and supporters of the monument can purchase a brick with three lines of text to be installed in the walkway around the eagles base. Memorial bricks are offered to the public for $100 each.

To buy with check or money order write out in 17 characters per line for up to three lines (spaces and punctuation count as characters) what you would like your brick to say along with your contact information and a check or money order made out to GEBC* for $100 and send to; 

American Legion Post 626

Clay County Veterans Memorial

PO Box 10613

Gladstone MO. 64188

To order by credit card use the Buy Now button at the bottom, then fill out the email order form below. When we receive both the email and funds from the credit card we will process your order.

Funds raised by this program go back to the Memorial for it's future maintenance, advertising and improvement needs.

*Gladstone Economic Betterment Council (GEBC) is a  non-profit 501(c)3 Missouri Corporation

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