Bennett Herrick

 was born in 1948 and attended Oak Park High School in Kansas City Missouri. He graduated in 1966 and felt it was his duty to join the Army and serve in Vietnam before going to college.

He enlisted July 27 1966; attended basic training at FT. Leonardwood MO. and AIT at FT. Ord CA. He volunteered for Airborne training and after graduating Jump School at FT. Benning GA he was assigned to 3-506, 101st Airborne and arrived in Vietnam on October 25, 1967.

Picture and excerpt from Jerald Berry's book "My Gift To You"

(Xlibris Corp. 2010)

"On the day of his death, SP4 Herrick was serving as a rifleman in LT. Joel Noel's 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company. Early in the day of March 25, 1968, the Platoon discovered 9 enemy graves. Soon after continuing their investigation of the area, the Curahees engaged an unknown-sized enemy force. Following a brief, intense firefight, the enemy broke contact and fled. As the men of 2nd Platoon were sweeping the area for the enemy, they were not aware that the Viet Cong had left snipers behind as they fled from further contact. Tragically, an enemy sniper singled out SP4 Herrick as his target. The sniper's bullet killed him almost instantly."


Dennis Herrick

was born 2 years later than his brother, in 1950, but he did go on to college after graduating Oak Park High School. Dennis was not subject to the draft because he was the only surviving son after his brother was KIA. But after a year he enlisted in the Army as an MP, "to find out what the war was about" according to his mother, for revenge said his father. He served as a 95B in the 284th MP Co., 18th MP BDE. Dennis died of an accidental drug overdose on Aug 14, 1970, nine days after arriving in Vietnam.